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Enterprise resource planning, Ecommerce website providers, Control Panel ERP, General Contractors ERP Control panel manufacturer, ERP fof contracting industry, ERP for Pest Control Company, ERP software
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Presenting prowess.ERP a smart new way of maximizing your efficiency while ensuring substantial benefit for your company.  Our Advanced Purchase  Order offer smart way to streamline your purchase process. Packed with such powerful features Prowess.ERP’S Advanced purchase Order will add great value to your purchase process both at the planning and execution stages.

Prowess.ERP Software gives you maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centers to Real Time Reporting and easy to use Graphical presentation of data.


Transparency of data is crucial to understand your accounts. Prowess.ERP  Software provides drillable information throughout its extensive reports. Drill into your Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss down to individual transactions in real time.

Full Audit Trail is provided to track all transactions ensuring data integrity.

Total flexibility in allocating employee access levels ensures data security and gives you back the control you need over your systems without restricting your employees ability to do their job.

Why you need – Prowess.ERP?

  • Simplifies processing of indents, enquiries and quotations.
  • Automatically keep everyone concern informed about the status.
  • Performs a complex analysis of quotations and specifications to generate the comparative statement both on technical and commercial aspects.
  • completely eliminates paper work.
  • greatly boosts efficiency of the procurement team.

Full Audit Trial

This will track any, and all, changes made to ERP Software, and report on (eg) who did them, when they did them and what they did. This gives you the ability to go back to any transaction and view any changes

Chart of Accounts

Complete list of accounts required for any business. This list can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. In addition, you can start from scratch with your own set of accounts, or simply merge together a combination of both.


Also called Cost Centres. Allows for breaking down of each individual transaction into different cost centres. Great for doing Profit and Loss reports by departments etc. to track individual sections within your company to see how they are performing.

Foreign Currency

Allows selling and purchasing from Foreign Countries. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set, as well as auto loading of a currency adjustment values when payment is made. Products can also be pre-assigned with a supplier who has a fixed dollar amounts in the supplier’s currency, which auto loads and adjusts the current currency amount by the foreign amount. Assign expenses and import costs directly to an item so that a full landed cost of the product is known including freight, customs and import duties.

Budget vs. Actual

Full control of Budgets by Department or Account. You can also create multiple budgets or consolidated budgets. View a list of all the budgets created to easily monitor each and every budget set.

Job Costing

jobs are either customer based, like projects, quotes etc or product based like manufacturing a product or building stock.

Product Jobs

Create templates for product jobs or make one off entries on the flyas the Manufacturing module within ERP Software is live in all areas, including product cost updating. As the cost (and sell) on any product, item or service used in the manufacture process is changed, the unit, bill of materials, and manufacture process is also updated with this change. This ensures accurate data at all times.

Serial Number Tracking

Full serial number tracking is available from each individual item as it’s built or can be added upon completion. You can also create you own serial numbers.

Profit & Loss Reporting By Jobs

Each job or project can be its own profit centre. With costs and income tracked, or you can combine a group of jobs and track them as a total.

Customer Jobs

Complete details as required to keep an accurate job database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. The job database is live to all areas of ERP Software which ensures that if any transaction involving a job is processed, the correct details including credit limits, pricing levels, past history, and contact and shipping details are automatically loaded and updated. No longer do you have to have multiple software packages to run your business.

Full Project and Job Tracking

You can create jobs and projects, track them individually or combined. By creating a parent account, any job etc. under that parent can be tracked with the parent or individually.

Auto Cost Load

Every cost associated with any customer or job can be automatically invoiced. Including labour costs and any expense associated with that job.

Job History

An extensive and complete history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, statement, appointment etc  that you have made with this job. These can at any time be simply drilled into to open the original transaction that makes up the report.

Progress Invoicing

Great for extended projects,  where a portion of the total job can be invoiced. This can be done as a fixed amount of the job or as a percentage of the job.

Prowess.ERP Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to controlling your costs and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Prowess.ERP Software gives you real time information on current stock levels and values including stock on order, raw materials, work in progress and finished goods.  In short, Prowess.ERP Software provides you with an affordable Supply Chain Management solution.

Features of  ERP Software’s Inventory Management include the following::-


  • Multi-Warehousing
  • Complete Stock levels from WIP to Multiple Stores,ordering levels to booked stock
  • Unlimited Unit of measure
  • Unlimited Rack and batch support
  • Serial number tracking
  • Barcode Picking
  • Create your own Barcodes,use Supplier Barcodes
  • Batch Create products
  • Integrated POS
  • Integrated manufacturing
  • Extensive Real Time reporting
  • Customer specific Pricing

Groups / Kits / BOM

Also called a “Bill of Materials”. This is where you can make a product from different, separate products. You can also have a group within a group or unlimited sub-products. No limits. Whenever one of these groups is sold, all the associated separate products are reduced by the number in the stock on hand list required to make the group.

Date Range Price Adjustments

Great if you want to run specials for a period of time, ERP Software will automatically adjust the product price, to match the special price assigned for that period, and then revert back to the list price, once the date has passed. Create happy hours as well.

Product List

Complete details as required, to keep an accurate and extensive stock management database, even down to creating your own customisable fields and drop downs. Fully drillable allowing you to retrieve any information on a product down to an amazing detail level.

Multiple Bins

The ERP Software range of inventory management options is enormous, including tracking multiple bins, racks and levels. All options can be shown in the one screen, or any number of reports and lists run, which will give you an instant understanding of where your stock is at any time.

Multiple Stores

ERP Software will automatically track stock levels, changes and updates across multiple stores. These updates can be run real time or any set period you choose i.e. every hour, twice a day, end of day or even once a week. ERP Softwarewill allow you to order stock for individual stores or bulk order for all.

Multiple Warehouses

Run multiple warehouses in ERP Software, including what level of stock is in each. Do instant reports, on what is where, and what is selling from any location. Sales people can see at a glance where stock can be easily located. ERP Software will allow you to order stock for individual warehouses, or bulk order for all. Prices can be varied by percentage or dollar value per warehouse allowing different pricing levels per location.

Inter Store Stock Transfers

Keeps a complete record of any stock transfers between warehouses, stores etc. will even track who did what transfer, and at what time they did it.

Batch Number Tracking

Will track all stock automatically as batch numbers, so that the oldest stock can be easily identified. Great for identifying which customer has brought a certain range, of a certain product, from a certain supplier. Useful for carpets, chemicals, or perishable items.

Batch Printing of Picking Slips

Prints location of stock within the warehouse by Rack number and Bin Location. You can also print all unprinted picking slips with one button, or each individual Picking Slip, as the need arises.

Price Matrix

ERP Software has the ability to set a full pricing matrix. This area is completely customisable, so rather than just calling the sections Colour, Size and Shape you can give this area any label you choose.

Price Matrix Quantities

ERP Software will track each and every matrix option and display in the one screen, what your choices are. This way you can see at a glance, how many of any product you have, in any combination as set by your matrix. I.e. in a certain range of shirts you have 6 white small, 4 white XL and 8 white XXL.

Pop-up Notices

Set pop-up remainders per product. These are great as a reminder to your staff to on sell another product. I.e. if they buy a T-shirt, you should sell them a hat as well.

Mass Price Updates

Prices can be altered on mass with the push of one button, by Department, Code, Group, etc. You can set adjustments as a fixed value or as a percentage change, as a positive or a negative. If you turn on a preference in ERP Software, any product cost change will automatically adjust the sell price, keeping the same margin as before the cost change.

Price Movement Tracking

Any price movements to do with a product are clearly shown over a period of time, so that you can see over that period what changes there have been with the product. Also available in customers, as a selling price movement.

Related Products

Used for auto loading any associated product automatically onto any transaction. I.e. when you sell a printer it will also load a printer cable. This can be extended to any level in that you can have a related product within a related product.

Stock Adjustments

Great for adjusting stock due to theft, lost stock or unknown. Again, simply assign it to an adjustment account and your stock balances and chart of accounts are kept accurate to the second.

Stock Take

These can be done by a number of methods. 1. Directly entering the count into the program. 2. By exporting out to Microsoft Excel and adjusting the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, then importing the spreadsheet back into ERP Software and assigning an adjustment value account. 3. By the use of a handheld unit, this will interface directly with ERP Software. With the addition of a scanner, stock takes become a breeze to do and what would normally take a team of people eight hours to complete, can be accomplished in less than two hours with the scanner unit.

Supplier Price and Code Listing

If you buy the same product from different suppliers, you can list their codes for the product, as well as all their different prices for the same product. This can be extended to the purchase order for the supplier, as it will print their supplier code on the purchase order, even if your product code is different from theirs.

Volume Prices

Enter different prices for purchasing and selling, at different volume levels i.e. if you sell 1 of the product, or if you sell 50 of the same product, you can set a different price for differing quantities.


Once set, ERP Software will auto assign all required accounting information including Cost of Goods, Inventory assets and sales income, even down to what tax codes are needed to be associated with this product.